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  • 3.3
Named for the three-letter airport code of Brazzaville (where it was filmed), Kevin Jerome Everson's BZV takes a cubist approach to documentary realism. In three sections, the film layers lyrical footage of water-skiers on the Congo River; a neorealist "slice of life" trailing a young couple shopping for a bed; and an observational long take of a fisherman collecting his net. Perhaps each of these scenes of leisure can be seen as a daydream of a place simultaneously faraway and familiar. Initially commissioned for the International Film Festival Rotterdam's "Where is Africa?" program, BZV leaves it an open question. - Max Goldberg

Member Reviews (1)

If I'd made it all the way through, perhaps I'd of found it profound. But I had better things to do than watch a disjointed story told from an alternation of subjective and objective points of view, without the consideration of establishing shots.

I hope others liked it, and I'll watch other films by him, hoping to be entertained, stimulated, or challenged.