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Brock Enright: Good Times Will Never Be the Same2009

  • 3.4
Artist Brock Enright packs a minivan and travels across the country with his longtime girlfriend Kirsten Deirup to create his first major New York City solo show at her family’s cabin in Mendocino, California. Brock dives into his work, disregarding the gallery’s mandated budget, schedule and Kirsten’s financial concerns for life after the show. The couple soon begins making an often violent and sexually graphic road film that pushes boundaries and sets the artist on an irreversible path toward an impending emotional breakdown. Once at the cabin, Brock works under Kirsten’s family’s watchful eye and already mounting tension increases between the couple as Kirsten witnesses Brock’s inability to manage the project and support them financially. When the gallery's director arrives to check on Brock's progress and finds his work barely started, Brock’s already fragile reality further spirals out of control. The viewer must wonder if the episode is an artistic performance in itself or a genuine plea for help.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

Does anyone survive NYC without getting their head stuffed full of garbage? This is a document on selfishness, phoniness, and pretention of the highest degree. Or is it lowest? If someone were to tell me that it was all a joke, I would feel the same way. Perhaps a touch more disappointed that the girls were in on it. Horrible people doing stupid things to sell to morons. The ending was the worst part of all. Next generation of bullshit artists? Or a future victim of the "process?"

this is totally stupid and a total waste of time...