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Boy Meets Girl1984

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  • 4.3
Alex wants to become a filmmaker and is fascinated by first time experiences. His girlfriend, Florence, has just left him for his best friend, Thomas. First break-up, first attempted murder: Alex tries to strangle Thomas but gives up and wanders the streets. That evening, Mireille, a girl from provincial France who has come up to Paris to make commercials, is left by her boyfriend. Alex witnesses this separation. These two tormented souls run into each other at a party.

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top reviewer

beautiful film_love lost love found_every shot is great

top reviewer

Each scene is a flow of a great collection of black and white still photography. In fact, the cinematography is the force and soul of the film, making it a visual experience, more than a narrative. The acting is like well directed choreography, poses, and pantomime. The characters are more symbols and prototypes than protagonists or players. And yet, there are poetic droplets of truth about unrequited, fickle love, the pain, the endurance of passion for one's object of desire, when it's fizzled out. Perhaps a little melodramatic, too tragic and out of sequence with the very steady, solid visuals.

Carax's debut film from 1984 was probably the most exciting thing to happen to French since at least the early 70s (Celine and Julie Go Boating-era Rivette). Carax style is visceral, loose but determined. He is funny and brutal and even as a kid making his first film their is no denying that one is watching a man who has an amazing feel and command in the medium. The pace of the film gallops along at the pace of youth and even when it does drag it's heels it never does so for long. Amazing night time cinematography. And then there is a young, wide eyed Denis Levant who Carax lets run free in the best way possible.

Such a gorgeous & tragic film made by a 24-year-old

beautiful film!