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also known as Menino 23: Infâncias Perdidas no Brasil

Boy 232016

The Forgotten Boys of Brazil

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  • 3.8
Investigating a period that Brazil is now trying to forget, this documentary reveals that, going much beyond theoretical support, Brazil was once the stage for eugenic experiments that scarred their victims forever. This documentary explores how a racially mixed nation absorbed eugenic ideas to the extent that it denied its own multiracial past, pathetically pursuing an unachievable standard of European esthetics.

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A riveting documentary of modern slavery, Nazi influence, racism, eugenics and political power in 20th Century Brazil. In the 20s and 30s, Brazil had one of the world's largest Nazi Parties, second only to that of Germany. In earlier times, the slave population of Brazil was the largest in the world. When they were finally freed, there was no attempt at integration, they were left to their own devices and discriminated against. So no one interfered when 50 black children were selected from a major Catholic orphanage to go work on a farm owned by the church's (and the community's) major benefactors. The 50 were kept on the farm as labor; they were not paid. They were beaten or whipped for infractions and kept confined by vicious guard dogs. They were slaves, despite slavery having been declared illegal half a century earlier. It was a sordid story; nobody talks about it. Two are still living.