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Boxing Cats1894

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  • 3.8
Professor Welton's Trained Cat Circus boasted cats that rode bicycles, turned somersaults and walked through fire. But the boxing cats were the most popular of his attractions playing New York vaudeville houses and roof gardens during the summer of 1894.



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Two of my favorite things, cats and fighting, jam packed into one minute of excellence.

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This ur-Youtube video wins no points with PETA I'm sure, but I can't help but laugh at the guy in the background managing the "trained" cats.

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Nice .. ! And I have a black and white cat just like that :)

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what's wrong with them....

oh wait, it's 1894. GOT IT

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top reviewer

30 seconds of pure adrenaline. The 19th century felines punched their way to glory, but the real hero was the manager (guy who holds the cats together). More than a century ahead of its time. My cats do the same thing only bare-pawed.

No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

top reviewer

Over time still popular and the length hasn't changed.

top reviewer

Uninteresting, even for the early historical use of camera.

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top reviewer

Late 19th century prototype for Lolcats I Can Has Cheezburger? If my sparring Siamese ever get a view of this flick it will be boxing gloves for Chanukah in our house!

top reviewer

A full century ahead of its time.

I'm only giving this historical animal abuse three stars.

Good film history

that's the good stuff

Early school film. Beautiful. You've got to put some feelings aside if you like cats, though.

my wife and I have 4 cats and I think we have seen them do this but no gloves just bear paws.

Does what it say on the tin.

Interesting historical artifact!

very good.

<33333 [8]

Short and odd I like.



Embarrassingly entertaining.

I can only imagine seeing these sort of acts in a Vaudville Hall.