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also known as Jorge Luis Borges: Una vida de poesia

Borges: A Life in Poetry1998

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  • 3.2
A documentary film on one of Arrabal's greatest influences, the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, features the last interview with Borges before his death.



Member Reviews (5)

Marvelous to see and hear Borges speak--to imbibe the singular voice that narrates his glorious profusion of stories, poems and essays. I did find myself fast-forwarding through the montage asides and skipping straight to the interview segments--which makes for a choppy viewing experience. I haven't seen anything else Arrabel has directed; doubtless this film makes more sense when considered within his body of work. But as someone who has read Borges avidly and repeatedly for 20 years, I couldn't make heads or tails of what Arrabel was trying to convey here.

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This atrocious film is farting during a great musical performance, dog turds thrown at the Parthenon. The interstitial material is pointless and grating; the precious footage of Borges is fragmented and reordered into near uselessness. A tedious, dispiriting experience.

Borges was a Brazillian writer? Uh, try Argentina.

A lovely portrait of a great artist. I love the equivalent images of the movie to the poet's words.

Interesting interviews with Borges and insights into his process. Surrealistic montage of images related to his "dreams" concepts.

Priceless to have a record of the poet speaking of his work!