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also known as Le Voyage


The Journey

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  • 3.8
BOMA-TERVUREN is the extraordinary and tragic saga of two-hundred and sixty-seven Congolese, brought to Brussels for the 1897 World's Fair. After some four months of travel towards Belgium, they are exhibited before a million visitors. Subjected to the crushing gaze of the "Whites" and the cold climate, many fell prey to disease and even some lost their lives. The dead were hastily dispatched in a common grave, sparking a fierce debate in Belgian society. The project was overblown, but necessary in the eyes of the first colonizers, who presumed to have tamed the far-flung savages. One hundred years later, Congolese compatriots return to the scene of these events and question the "Whites" of today on the incredible story of that "human zoo". They carry out the ritual of "a return to the earth" by way of reparation for too great a hurt. A film that revisits a century of stereotyped conceptions about the Africans. And running through it, the almost aching question: "How is today different?"

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For me this film is a discussion of masculine/feminine identity and the ends to which one will go to achieve it, despite the prevailing norms of the culture.