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  • 3.0
BLUSHES is an exploration of the body. It contrasts gentle imagery of the female form with stark geometrics and powerful rushes of color. Self-depiction and tangible manipulation of the filmstrip establish a new agency for the filmmaker. Through its confrontational nature it subverts the gaze from viewer to subject.

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Member Reviews (7)

top reviewer


Brakhagian indeed. Gazing upon what could be read as an under aged female whom seems all too aware of our gaze adds an additional layer of dis-ease.

top reviewer

Bold movement in this avant-guard piece. The silence is powerful as it moves about the nameless female form, rather poetically.

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top reviewer

Too much distressed film.

Good piece of art

Short and sweet. Woman. Sound. Art.

Nice; Brakhagian fare. I'm sure this was great fun to make.