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Blood Pressure2013

  • 3.6
  • passes the bechdel test
Nicole, forty-one years old, is a pharmacist with a husband and two teenage kids, who is at a point in her life when she is asking if "this is it," or whether there's something more. One day she gets a letter from an anonymous Observer who knows her daily habits, and her potential, intimately. He has a plan for her, if she is interested. The letter contains a green card that she should place in her window, if she wishes to pursue the mysterious relationship. If not, she should throw the letter away, and she will never hear from the Observer again. After a few days of internal debate, she puts the card in the window and begins a long relationship with the elusive Observer, who puts her on a program that starts by changing her life, but ultimately threatens everything that has meaning for her.

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Member Reviews (5)

top reviewer

At times preposterous but ultimately fulfilling. Great job by Michelle Giroux. The screenplay was imaginative and I would imagine close to the book(haven't read it). It will keep you interested til the end.

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top reviewer

this is one of the best if not most entertaining movie I have ever seen ,non stop action ..and plot twists that you could want to see in a movie incredible acting very realistic and never a dull moment truly stupendous and a must see on of the best choices on FANDOR AND YOU HAVE TO SE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Movie had so much promise,but then floundered in the sea of incredulity which sinks too many films these days.The setup was alluring, but upon further review the lady had a beard.

Taut, engaging drama that highlights that awful moment in married life when work, a partner, and teenage kids no longer feel like enough. What if an outsider saw you at that vulnerable moment and offered something more? What would you give up to reach for it? What if the offer weren't what it seemed? With a transcendent performance by acclaimed stage actress Michelle Giroux in the leading role.

No one can do a depressing film quite like a Canadian. It is shot in Toronto and the film makers make no attempt to hide that. It's fun to see familiar Toronto cityscapes and disturbing to realize how readily Toronto stands in for a dystopian landscape. (See Denis Villeneuve's Enemy which was also shot in Toronto). The movie moves forward in a steady, plodding Canadian kind of way and the acting is superb in a film with little or no action. But it manages to keep the viewer's attention with the desire to see how it ends. All in all, it is a good film but I can't help but think that the government funding bureaucrats in Canada are still stuck on Cronenberg and as a result favour (Canadian spelling) and fund films that have a Cronenberg type of feel. I felt the same thing when I saw Villeneuve's Enemy.