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Blood Orgy of the She-Devils1973

  • 3.1
  • passes the bechdel test
Lorraine and Mark enter the world of witchcraft where Mara foretells the future and helps them remember their past lives. When a series of mysterious murders begin to occur, they turn to Dr. Helsford for advice.

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

I gave this three stars because I love 70's giallo/horror/cult films. That aside, this was just plain bad. The actors were really trying to make this a good film, and all. This was just bad. Pass this one up.

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top reviewer

what you have in this movie is a horror masterpiece the image are raw and very frightening and as a horror vehicle it does the job, acting is exceptional and their parts are played exceptionally well and..this is carried out with excellent cinematography very well made!!!!!!!

top reviewer

And here lies the problem with all your reviews: massive inconsistency! You site this Ted V. Mikel's low-budget horror flick as some sort of overlooked masterpiece, and give it four stars while you bash another Ted V. Mikels film (and better in by opinion), "The Corpse Grinders" with a one-star rating! Cinematography? What cinematography? Both movies look the same, have similar beats, performances, pacing, etc. "Blood Orgy" is a great movie for what it is: 1970's Drive-In exploitation, but is it really a horror masterpiece???

top reviewer

dull fare compared to Ted Mikel's masterwork, The Corpse Grinders.