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also known as The Dead One

Blood of the Zombie1961

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  • 2.6
A vengeful voodoo priestess revives and controls a hideous, rotting zombie to do her foul bidding and commit unspeakable, ritualistic acts of murder! Rarely seen since its original release in 1961, BLOOD OF THE ZOMBIE is an historically important missing link in the cadaverous canon of modern zombie cinema! Unearthed from a long forgotten film vault, BLOOD OF THE ZOMBIE has been revived and restored from its original camera negative, in color and ultrascope! Directed by war hero Barry McMahon (Errol Flynn’s CUBAN REBEL GIRLS), the true life inspiration for the Steve McQueen character in THE GREAT ESCAPE. Stars Monica Davis (1,000 SHAPES OF A FEMALE) and John McKay (CUBAN REBEL GIRLS).


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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

I LOVED this. Yes, it was terrible but I never judge a movie like this by it's intention. It succeeds as a snapshot of a different time. Shot on location (New Orleans), vibrant colors, beautiful girls. A work of terrible early 60's exploitation, stripper show, zombie art. love, love, LOVE.

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top reviewer

Pretty unwatchable. The racism in this movie, which is far more horrific than the bloodletting, was already the subject of critiques available to the makers of this film.

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top reviewer

2 ½ Under ten minutes of frights, but lots of watchable filler of 1960s New Orleans, including a burlesque show and two Jazz club scenes with ‘Outta-sight daddy-O!’ beatnik slang. The rest is amusingly terrible, especially the monotonous, stationary shots and the voodoo ceremony that’s about as exotic and exciting as a dentist’s waiting room.

Pretty good but they plugged in the vampyr myths of being killed by sunlight. Not bad though.