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Blood Equity2009

  • 4.3
Three-time Super Bowl Champion Roman Phifer produced this film that focuses on the issues facing former NFL Players following their retirement. The film features interviews with guys who were once the face of this league, Hall of Famers and some lessor known players who share heartfelt and personal testimonies of living their dreams as NFL players as well as the dark side of that life and some of the unforeseen nightmares. Intense, passionate interviews with such notables as Mike Ditka, Harry Carson, Willie Wood, Cyril Smith, Donnie Green, Tony Dorsett, Darryl "Moose" Johnston give the inside story on what its like to live after the NFL.

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Member Reviews (5)

Highlights important issues. Stories are moving. The call for dignity inspires.

Damned Shame!!!!!

A very eye opening documentary. Makes me kinda think twice about football

Excellent documentary!!!

Fantastic editing makes up for the obvious budgetary limitations. Insightful interviews juxtaposed with fantastic in-game footage. The bias seeps out like honey -- however, I love that the film openly revels in its bias. Definitely a must see.