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Blood Antiquities2009

  • 3.5
The European art trade, synonymous with wealth and glamour, has always involved a degree of stolen and smuggled art. Now, Afghanistan's rich cultural heritage is financing terrorism and the Taliban. From Afghans scrabbling in the sand for treasures, to the dazzling show rooms of unscrupulous dealers and private collectors, BLOOD ANTIQUITIES (a film often mistakenly referred to as BLOOD ANTIQUES) uncovers one of the most outrageous illegal trades since blood diamonds.

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Member Reviews (2)

I saw a BBC doc on looting of Greek tombs in So. Italy and the collection of confiscated pieces by the carbinieri. The treasure trove law in the UK seems to work well. It only covers precious metals but sometimes other items are donated. But

I don't see any interest in returning the Elgin marbles to Greece.

very insightful .