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also known as Blacksmiths

Blacksmithing Scene1893

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  • 4.0
That the old-fashioned blacksmith shop was the first subject to be shown in Edison's kinetoscope was a quiet kind of joke. The Edison Laboratory was the center of innovative technology in the late nineteenth century but here the laboratory staff takes some time off to play at blacksmithing and pass around a bottle of beer. Not only humorous, there is a nostalgic element to the film that would recur in many later Edison films. The mixing of work and alcohol had been common in the early nineteenth century but, by the 1890s, was part of a bygone era.



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top reviewer

Imagine standing, haunched over, looking at this performance in a Nickelodeon...

I am amazed at the scope of the first actual "motion picture". Humor, nostalgia, a serious staff sharing a playful moment; so much that is in this brief clip carries forward to this day. And modern technology makes it available to us. Excellent.

This snippet of film holds some interest as perhaps the first "trailer" of things to come in film history. While it is not entertainment as we define it today, it never-the-less must have been fascinating viewing for people of that era.