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Blacks and Jews1997

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  • 3.0
The faultline between Blacks and Jews is one of the most visible symbols of America's racial divide. This film, made collaboratively by Jewish and Black filmmakers, goes behind the headlines and the rhetoric to try to heal the misunderstanding and mistrust. BLACKS AND JEWS was acclaimed at the Sundance Film Festival for initiating a frank yet constructive nationwide dialogue between these two traditional allies. BLACKS AND JEWS offers no Panglossian assurances of easy racial harmony. But screenings of this film can cut through the anger and emotion on both sides and demonstrate that dialogue and cooperation must be based in a serious effort to understand and value the experience of others. Synagogues and churches, campus ministries and student advisors, community organizers and antiracism activists will all find BLACKS AND JEWS an invaluable new tool for increasing mutual understanding and building coalitions for social justice, not just between Blacks and Jews, but between all ethnic groups.

Member Reviews (1)

interesting, but not all that much is gained by the end. just another sad footnote to the inability of man to get along.