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also known as Murder by Proxy


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  • 3.7
A down-on-his-luck American in London emerges from a drunken haze knee-deep in murder in Terence Fisher’s atmospheric Hammer noir, one of several made by the studio in collaboration with American producer Robert Lippert. The Hammer studio provided the behind-the-camera talent and Lippert provided the (fading) Hollywood marquee names and the (extremely low) budgets. As a jazz singer croons "St. Louis Blues" amidst a brilliantly lit stage of shadows and light, our all-American dope (Dane Clark) has his drunken binge interrupted by a blonde English beauty that offers him a fortune if he will marry her. The next morning, he awakens with the blonde gone and mystery and murder in her place. BLACKOUT represents the pinnacle of American noir in England, pairing a Film Noir 101 plot (a chump in over his head, lured in by a beautiful blonde) with Fisher's gorgeous chiaroscuro lighting. - Jason Sanders



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Fast-paced thriller of yesteryear. Gotta love crime, mystery, and suspense to watch it. Pretty innovative love affair, too.

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top reviewer

Fast-paced thriller of yesteryear. Gotta love crime, mystery, and suspense to watch it. Pretty innovative love affair, too.

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This was an enjoyable kitchy British Film Noire - melodramatic with enjoyable supporting characters. Definitely B movie - but that was the charm of it.

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A good whodunit, from across the sea, and especially interesting to learn about the adorable--long-running US actor (who knew?)--Dane Clark, who was a lawyer and Cornell grad before going Hollywood.... And I didn't get the killer right, so this Brit flick stood up well as a soft-kill, clever-humored (Dane and the artist! --great timing and charm) mystery with an enjoyable payoff suitable for the genre.

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Great story, lots of twists.

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Good acting and good characters. Some decent plot twists. Wrapped up tidily--a little too tidily perhaps, but overall satisfying.

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3 1/2 a little corny sweet & funny _but for 1954 it was all good_nice twists & turns

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Excellent mystery, which held my attention throughout; sometimes melodramatic and overacted, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. i am quite fond of British noir.

Pretty OK movie since it has a twisting plot and keep you interested. Dan Clark thinks some really hot doll who picked him up paid him 500£ to marry her, but he doesn't really remember since he was totally smashed and passed out. The plot bobs and weaves with shady and nice characters until it finally come to an pretty obvious end and alls well. That ends well. 4 out of 5 stars.

nice thriller!

Loved it !!!!

Great Film Noir with tons of twists, a good plot, and fine acting!

One of the better B&W mysteries, enjoyed the genre and pace.

perfect for a cold night, hot tea, a crackling fire, and a ticking clock.

This was great! Didn't suspect the murderer.

great mystery

Awesome film noir with lessor known actors delivering great dialogue with a punch. Really enjoyed it1

This film was a disappointment. I think Dane Clark did not apply himself well in this role. Perhaps it was the uninteresting script and story line.