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Black and Gold1999

  • 4.1
In 1994, the Latin Kings, the largest and most powerful street gang in New York, became the Latin King and Queen Nation. They claimed to have abandoned their criminal past and to be following in the footsteps of the Black Panthers and the Young Lords. With over 3,000 members in New York, some saw the Latin King and Queen Nation as the most important political voice to rise from the streets in decades. The NYPD did not agree, calling them a vicious gang with a PR campaign. One thing is certain, the City was never the same after the Nation went downtown. In 1997 Big Noise films became the only media group ever given unrestricted access to the Nation. For two years they ran with the Kings and Queens in New York City, filming on the front lines of their everyday struggle for survival. BLACK AND GOLD explores a reality that is too often reduced to a stereotype or a slogan.

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Member Reviews (3)

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top reviewer

Very interesting subject. I wish the filmmakers would remix the audio as it's quite difficult to hear the interviews and narration over the music bed.

i watched it cuz i had to but it was okay

It opens your eyes to a lot of things you don't really hear about on a regular basis. Definitely recommend to watch.