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Bid It Up Sucker1944

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  • 3.1
In this animated warning against pushing up prices during wartime scarcity, an auctioneer manages to sell a basket of goods worth under ten dollars for thirty-five dollars. The message: "This is inflation." One of the first cel-animation films produced at the National Film Board.



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Not the most sophisticated animation on this Canadian war cartoon, but an interesting historical curiosity, telling people to look into their own collective interest by not bidding up scarce goods far past their actual value. An interesting document to compare to the US, where price controls and wage controls generally limited this sort of problem during World War II, although certainly workers did not feel as if their wages were keeping up with inflation. I can't speak to Canadian economic policy during the war, but obviously inflationary bidding was a problem if the government went so far as to make a cartoon to stop it.

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