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Bi the Way2008

  • 2.8
Feature documentary BI THE WAY takes its audience on an adventure-packed road trip through the changing sexual landscape of America. From a former cheerleader in Memphis who must choose whether to hide her sexuality or face a life on the streets, to a swinger in Los Angeles whose fantasies usher in her darkest fears, to a hip-hop dancer whose internet fling becomes a love that forces him to confront his family, his religion and himself, this stunningly beautiful, provocative film portrays a generation that has embraced sexual ambiguity in a style entirely its own.

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Member Reviews (3)

It was o.k.

I wish the documentary had gone in greater depth into the young man's relationship with his parents, why it became so troubled and how it then recovered. Why did he think his dad was an absentee father? Never explained.

It was o.k., but I was expecting more of an overview of the subject. This doc focuses on a very small sample of people. Didn't seem well-researched.