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Beyond Enchantment2010

  • 3.4
Where all is static motion; where music and light become one; where change and motion become one; and where the end is the beginning. Black and white cut-out animation with touches of color. Ladies of the past encounter science and natural phenomena.

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Official selection of the 2011 Crossroads Film Festival.

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Beautiful soundtrack.

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top reviewer

Very MAX ERNST ,I love MAX so I loved this visualy fascinating piece of work.

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top reviewer

I think my favorite thing about this is that the people in it look like they have "deep thoughts." That's notable especially for the women. They aren't portrayed as vapid beauties, but as thoughtful, sensitive beings. Perhaps with imaginations similar to the film maker's! A sense of contemplation is achieved, yet there is the sense of contemplation of silence, being, pure intelligence. Even butterflies move in ways that make them seem to have their own personalities, while the people remain lost in thought. Yet not. The combination of substance and simple beingness is profound and curious. A sense of timelessness is created, a new psychic space to inhabit for awhile.

Maybe this short is beyond me, and if so, somebody please enlighten me. However, I can't get over the huge disconnect between the score and the image in this piece. The Albinoni Adagio that Jordan uses (which, despite it's Baroque facade, was composed in the mid-20th century by a musicologist who attributed it to the minor Baroque composer) plods along at a snail's pace, and doesn't move nearly as fast or as far (tonally) as the images he uses. I'll be the first to admit that Jordan's images are quite beautiful at times, but the monochromatic nature of the music diminishes the details in his work, and makes each image fade out of the previous one, dissolving any sort of difference between the current frame and its predecessor, leading to a sepia staleness that sets in. Perhaps, frankly, a better piece of music should've been used; a piece whose tonal movements and aesthetic more mirrored the image.

Intensely melodic, the piece slowly builds along with the ever increasing frantic nature of the graphics, captivating, worth the short view time for sure.

Eh... Reminiscent of Monty Python-esque stop motion without the humor. Beautiful images on their own. But I did not find the combination particularly striking.

This short seems to link to Wunderkammer, the Cabinet of Curiosities, but in my opinion, it can be more developed. Overall, I had a pleasant experience with it. Love the music as it reminds me of my first art project involving madame and the butterfly; therefore, it brings somewhat nostalgia. I'm a big fan of scientific illustrations and Monty Python kind of aesthetics, so I enjoyed this, but again I honestly felt that it could have offered a bit more depth. Maybe I am missing something.

One Jordan film is like all of the other ones. Unusual combinations of ornate images for their own sake. Nothing is given. Nothing is taken away. Nothing is said. They are beautiful though. Enjoy the nonsensical beauty of his life's work, and I defy anyone to distinguish one from the other.