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Beyond Atlantis1973

  • 2.6
Fishermen discover a mysterious civilization that may be descendants of the lost continent of Atlantis. These half-human, half-fish creatures can stay underwater for great lengths of time. But this lost tribe needs outsiders for mating and when they capture several fishermen, the adventure begins! Will the men live to tell their story?

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Member Reviews (5)

One of my favorite B movies of all time. The underwater photography alone makes this film worth watching. Unlike many B movies, this one has a moral and a plot that it sticks with the entire time--it never loses the thread of narrative like most (bad) B movies. The characters are typical B movie, but watching them interact is more intriguing than in most B movies. I enjoy the time period and the lingo--Sid Haig has the best lines and plays a very convincing pimp (except when he blinks every time he shoots his gun). Some funny moments and some great cinematography at times. The best B movie laugh? "Cannibal fish!" Wait. Cannibal fish? You mean piranhas? I mean, cannibal fish would not be around long as a species, would they? In any case, if you like B movies and you find Leigh Christian to be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, this is a must watch.

Sid Haig is one of my favorite character actors. I'll watch anything with him.

Interesting. I love the end of the story.

the under water breathing was unique.