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Between Resistance and Community2009

  • 3.5
BETWEEN RESISTANCE AND COMMUNITY focuses on a group of kids who have built a community around a love of music and a passion for creating an alternative to dominant consumerist society. By putting on shows in basements, booking and traveling on national tours and releasing their own records, these kids attempt to distance themselves from the corporate influence that they consider not only unnecessary but unwelcome. This fascinating look into the workings of a DIY punk community also examines the scene's shortcomings (such as undercurrents of sexism as well as the problem of self-sufficiency) which pressures some to seek out the same corporate avenues which the scene strives to be an alternative. Features live footage and interviews with Latterman, On the Might of Princes, The Insurgent, Seven Days of Samsara, plus show-goers, scenesters, zinesters and activists.

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