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Better This World2011

  • 4.0
Boyhood friends from Midland, Texas, are arrested on terrorism charges at the 2008 Republican National Convention. BETTER THIS WORLD follows the journey of David McKay and Bradley Crowder from political neophytes to accused domestic terrorists with a particular focus on the relationship they develop with a radical activist mentor in the six months leading up to the convention. A dramatic story of idealism, loyalty, crime and betrayal, BETTER THIS WORLD goes to the heart of the War on Terror and its impact on civil liberties and political dissent in post-9/11 America.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

Better This World (2011) is a very well thought out, and well executed film about what appears to be the FBI's use of an agent provocateur to entrap two young men on terrorist charges at the 2008 RNC. Very good and entertaining piece of historical storytelling.

I think that the doc is pretty interesting and contains interesting stuff but at the same time it drags itself out and gets boring.