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also known as Bergman och filmen, Bergman och teatern, Bergman och Fårö

Bergman Island2004

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  • 4.4
Just four years before his death, legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman sat down with Swedish documentarian Marie Nyreröd at his home on Fårö Island to discuss his work, his fears, his regrets and his ongoing artistic passion. This resulted in the most breathtakingly candid series of interviews that the famously reclusive director ever took part in, later edited into the feature-length film BERGMAN ISLAND. In-depth, revealing, and packed with choice anecdotes about Bergman's oeuvre, as well as his personal life, Nyreröd's film is an unforgettable final glimpse of a man who transformed cinema.

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If you like Ingmar Bergman. Otherwise, you may have no interest in this extremely revealing, first-person autobiographical narrative. Very intimate and comprehensive, it includes clips from Bergman's 16mm home movies. He tells the most personal stories of his life, in his home on Faro island (THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY, PERSONA), where he lived out his last years in seclusion, listening to the sound of a ticking clock.