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The horrifically efficient Nazi death camp, Belzec, was in operation for less than one year, but witnessed the murder of at least 600,000 Jews. Once the Soviet counterattacks began, the S.S. eliminated all traces of the camp, and the name Belzec faded from the collective conscience. Conceived of by Executive Producer Claude Lanzman as the last chapter to his epic SHOAH, helmer Guillaume Moscovitz has created a chilling account that's as much about remembrance as it is about the past.

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should be required viewing,so that history does not repeat itself

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should be required viewing,so that history does not repeat itself

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Wow. This is a scary movie. Scary beyond unthinkable.

In one incredible scene two Polish Grandparents in their 80's are in their backyard talking with their 14 year old grand son talking about the genocide that took place a mile from their yard. The woman is literally sweeping her entire backyard with a whisk broom--what pride she has in her yard. It is easy to visualize this 85 year old man some 70 years earlier, when he was the same age as his grandson. The old man tells how every day he would go down to the train station to watch the Nazi and Ukrainians unload the train and calmly execute everyone. It is easy to envision the typical curious teenage boy doing the same. Boys that age have a macabre fascination with violence (witness sports such as MMA and violent video games). It is easy to make it real in our minds as it requires very little stretch of belief.

There is perhaps too much editorializing in the film-making, but how could it be objective, given the ghastly reality that is Belzec? No one every escaped Belzec. Most of you have likely never heard of it, and yet 600,000 Jews were executed there over 6 or 8 months time. Unimaginable. Watch it. Watch it. Believe it.

Know that almost every 14 year old boy would go back the next day to watch what is happening. Know that somewhere within the hearts of most of us is that strange schadenfreude that allows things to go on---if it happens to someone else! wow

harrowing accounts of death and survival of jews in Belzec...

Really interesting witness accounts -- didn't know much about Belzec before watching this film. . .

very sobering document with an extraordinary survivor