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  • 3.6
  • passes the bechdel test
BEESWAX revolves around the personal and professional entanglements of twin sisters Jeannie and Lauren (played by extraordinary newcomers Tilly and Maggie Hatcher) living in Austin, Texas. Jeannie co-owns a bright, candy-colored vintage clothing store. When a conflict with her business partner threatens to boil over, she turns to an ex-boyfriend, Merrill (Alex Karpovsky), who is recently graduated from law school and all too eager to try to fix the sisters' problems as a way of ignoring his own. Soon everyone is trying to lend each other a hand but nothing is going according to plan. Charming and intimate, this is a story about how we depend on our families (the kind we're stuck with and the kind we build for ourselves) and the beeswax that holds them all together. As in director Andrew Bujalski's earlier MUTUAL APPRECIATION and FUNNY HA HA, a deceptively modest premise gives way to the unavoidable foibles of humankind.

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World premiere at the 2009 Berlinale.

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It's like trying to leave a boring house party, but you cant exit because two people are leaning on the door and having a really long, uneventful conversation.

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Fantastic performances -- the lightness of the touch could easily fall into pointlessness, but brilliantly carried by the cast. Kind of a Cassavettes film for the low-affect era. Highly recommended.

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I am quite certain that if I filmed my friends having random conversations about their day to day activities, it would be slightly more interesting than this movie was. I say this with the sincerity of a viewer who just volunteered a movie length slot of time to viewing this effort whose point eludes me.

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This is a delightful film. It flows well, and the characters are very engaging. The two sisters are remarkable. I don't know if it is because the story is like their lives or if they are just great new actresses, but they made the movie very easy to watch. I think most people will enjoy this It isn't earth shattering, but you develop a genuine pathos with the characters and that is what makes it all work.

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This is a really nice movie. Although it was subtle, and small in a way, it got at big ideas in a way that really held my attention all the way through, and made me think about it again and again.

I thought the movie was OK. I was hoping for more nuance in the relationship, and more scenes showing the Austin environment.

Humanist filmmaking at its best, with incredibly deep and multifaceted characters drawn from a real life that is rarely depicted so well in films.

Gave it all i had until the end - what a let down

The film was overall okay. The acting was very natural. In fact, it felt like you were watching your friends engage in their own lives. However, there was not enough to the story. Still, I did enjoy watching these characters and settings. I enjoyed the character played by Alex Karpovsky, from the HBO series Girls.

This just never captured my interest. I couldn't gather any empathy for any of the characters, and I finally gave up. This must just be in a genre not for my head :(

A bit confusing as to role of characters and this gets clearer as the movie progresses. A bit slow at times. Well acted.

It was a good movie. Enjoyed the story.


Feels like Austin. Good movie.

Frankly, this movie is just irritating. I was hoping for something redeeming to evolve...but it's just pedestrian.

looks like it might be good so i put it in my queue