Beast Stalker


also known as: Ching yan

directed by Dante Lam, 109 minutes

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Winner of "Best Actor" and "Best Supporting Actor" at the 2009 Hong Kong Film Awards.

Ace action director Dante Lam is in top form once again with this raw, nail-bitingly intense action thriller and with award-worthy emotional performances by Nicholas Tse and Nick Cheung. Tse is Tong, a take-no-prisoners police sergeant who accidentally kills a girl during his relentless pursuit of armed robber Cheung (Ho-man Keung). When Cheung hires the menacing “Beast Stalker” Hung (Cheung) to kidnap the dead girl’s twin sister to avoid prosecution, Tong vows not to let the same fatal mistake happen again.

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1 member found this review helpful Created about 1 year ago.

Not bad. Compelling, but only surprising at the end.

Top reviewer
1 member found this review helpful Created over 2 years ago.

Sets a new standard for 'suspense' thrillers...we're all human beings, everyone has a reason for doing what they do...while this thriller is high on suspense, car chases, fight scenes and ups & downs, it's different from the standard fare out there now in that it looks at the people involved, from hero to villain, you can identify with their emotions...which comes full circle at the end very nicely. Because some people like their 'suspense' movies being on the edge of their seat the entire time, I didn't give it 5 stars because it does run a little long and has some slow parts. All in all, a very satisfying film.

Created over 2 years ago.

excellent movie..

Created over 1 year ago.

Simply put: Dante Lam did not let me down! :)

Top reviewer
Created over 1 year ago.

There is some old-fashioned John-Wo homage going on in this entertaining police thriller. Beast Stalker has two or three exciting action sequences, which are both fast, and easy to follow. Credit to the editors and the cinematographer. The story is a straight -ford kidnapping movie, with the clock ticking against two protagonists: a hard-boiled cop, and a workaholic lawyer. Their characters are fleshed out through flashback sequences. While the flashbacks add to the story, they almost always come at odd times during the narrative, and seem out of place. Where as films like "The Killer", and "Pulp Fiction" dart around a timeline to tell a story conceptually, the flashbacks in Beast Stalker seem arbitrary, never really adding to the story.

On the whole tho, a solid production.

Created over 2 years ago.

the beginning didn't really catch my attention but it started to get good near the the middle all in all i liked it

Created over 2 years ago.

Not that interesting as I thought it would be. the word fine was translated as dine. So it made the movie a bit awkward.

Created almost 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Nice action movie. I just wish the protagonist was a little more fleshed out.

Created almost 3 years ago.

this was an excellent movie.

Created almost 3 years ago.

Very nice story, good plot and the Ling is a very good little actress.

Created about 3 years ago.

This was a good movie.

Created over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Another masterful piece of Hong Kong cinema by Dante Lam! As always the great cinematic shots, deep character development and back stories, cooler than cool sequences and still manage to infuse a lot of soul and humanity in between the action.

Created over 3 years ago.

This movie was good, and I really enjoyed it!!

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