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also known as The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay | Batoru gâru: Tokyo crisis wars

Battle Girl1991

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  • 2.6
A meteor lands in Japan and the fallout creates a “shield” around Tokyo, encasing the city in a foggy darkness. A state of martial law is declared. People are in a panic as violent crime and corruption spreads throughout the region and punk gangs are ruling the streets. As if things weren’t bad enough, a chemical reaction from the meteor unleashes a deadly virus and now the dead are coming back to life as flesh-eating zombies! K-ko (played by Japanese wrestling sensation Cutie Suzuki) is asked to help find survivors and given a bulletproof leather-and-blade “Battle Suit” to help her on her rescue mission. Punching, blasting and decapitating the zombie hordes with her armor and weapons, she discovers something even more evil: a sadistic military general who wants to use the zombies in his own plan for world domination! Directed by Kazuo “Gaira” Komizu, BATTLE GIRL is gruesome, campy sci-fi fun, filled with wild special effects, a crazy new-wave synth soundtrack and enough gore to satisfy horror film fans!



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This movie is like listening to Tangerine Dream in a yakitori bar in Osaka in 1986.

This movie is like the first time you ever played Castle Wolfenstein, except you’re not in Germany, there is no castle, and you don’t have a computer.

This movie is like eating a giant bowl of breakfast cereal made from Electric Eels.

All in all, it's everything you'd expect from a movie called "Battle Girl."

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2 ½ Cheesy, nonsensical zombie movie resourcefully shot on a skin and bones budget with just enough interesting scenes and campiness to keep it watchable. The fights are executed with the awkwardness of a middle school dance gym class. A fun seventy-three minutes for the bad movie fan.

top reviewer

takes lack of continuity to new levels. I think there's a story if you fill in the blanks but the vizuals weren't worth it for me. and dialogue? well, there were words with even less continuity. it's your life!

incredible aesthetically. nothing beats a dystopian tokyo. sound design was impeccable and immersive from the very start. costumes and character design were just the right level of camp mixed with sincerity. some genuinely great lawful evil/chaos neutral dialogue and to me, a really fresh/cool/progressive take on a very played out genre. love the political allegory in relation to japans self determination/self defense and reputation in competition with world powers. worth the watch most definitely. love to see strong girls succeed.

SEE my Remarks in the mad cow girl movie it will be the same for this movie!!!

it was OK but not really my usual zombie taste

fun in a camp sort of way "Walking Dead" satire