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Battle for Haditha2007

  • 3.7
Iraqi insurgents bomb a convoy of US Marines, resulting in the death of their most popular officer. Enraged by this loss, his young Marine buddies carry out a brutal retaliation. Their violent house-searches lead to the massacre of twenty-four people, many of whom are women and children, tragic casualties of a war they cannot control. The Marines are also victims, attacked, wounded and forced to respond in the way they have been trained. But when events occur at great speed and under extreme stress, can Marines in the line of fire be accused of murder?

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great movie - nick captures the senseless brutality of war - i'm a big fan of nick broomfield...

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great movie - nick captures the senseless brutality of war - i'm a big fan of nick broomfield...

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top reviewer

A slice of life in Iraq 2006 realistically portrayed from all sides in this useless war.Superb cast and action shots set this one into a special category. Kudos to director Nick Broomfield and to Elliot Ruiz as Cpl Rameriz.

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top reviewer

Overall this film tries very hard to be impartial but the brief scenes of US soldiers firing automatic rifles into rooms filled with cowering women and small children really capture the horror of this sad event.

How accurate the events portrayed here are is hard to know but after viewing this movie we can only be reminded that war and murder go hand in hand.

soldiers shouldn't be humanized. They're murderers. This movie is similar to trying to humanize nazi extermination camp soldiers.

Eloquent, tragic...hard to believe it is not a documentary

Very intense , and reviling . Not being there Leeds one to not really understated the emotions in play with all of the participants on both sides.

It maybe better to not send ground fighters on repeated tours without equal time in a safe base location first. Let the brain cool off first.