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Bartholomew Whoops and the Bad, Bad Ball2004

  • 4.0
Aided by the kind of whimsical watercolors one last saw in kindergarten, Tom Palazzolo and host Turk Muller head to Wrigley Field to wind a children's fable about a young butterfingers named Bartholomew Whoops who cannot hold onto anything: not a bowl of batter, not a plate of plantains and certainly not a foul ball being run down by Chi-Cargo Cups left fielder Moses Aloualoualou. BARTHOLOMEW WHOOPS AND THE BAD BAD BALL finds its inspiration in Game 6 of the 2003 National League Championship Series, in which fan Steve Bartman found himself blamed for costing Chicago what was almost its first NL pennant since 1945. Palazzolo's Chi-Cargo treats Bartholomew Whoops much better than Chicago did Bartman; in moments, the left-field lower deck comes to the same realization that they "will live to lose another game," a sentiment Chicago itself has only come to ten years on. Keep an eye out for billy goats. - Tom Fritsche

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