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also known as The Pincushion Man


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  • 4.2
Balloonland has appeared in many video collections, often under its 16mm home-movie title THE PINCUSHION MAN. Blackhawk Films Collection holds the original nitrate red/blue Cinecolor negatives, and this astonishing film is presented here with restored pictures and prepared in collaboration with the UCLA Film and Television Archive.



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Wonderfully weird and inventive. A psychedelic treat.

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top reviewer

Wonderfully weird and inventive. A psychedelic treat.

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top reviewer

Bizarre and unique look at a not so wonderful world. Just think if Ub Iwerks was the head of Disney animation, what a strange and jaded land that would be.

Animated classic probably best known to Gen-Xers from its use on 'Pee Wee's Playhouse'. Quite bizarre, for sure.

solid Iwerks

A cartoon a watched in my youth. Good old memories


It's definitely a weird cartoon, but not so weird when compared to tales of the Brothers Grimm.

It was good