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Ballet Mechanique1924

  • 4.1
A seminal work of abstract cinema still hell-bent on speed, BALLET MECANIQUE remains a touchstone for modernist preoccupations with industry, mass culture, repetition and montage. The true hero of Fernand Leger's only film is the lowly film splice. With its capacity for juxtaposition and recombination, the splice articulates the goals of cubism and turns the key on society's unconscious drives. - Max Goldberg

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top reviewer

Hip-Hip Hurray for Chaos! Here is a percussive shock to the system, by way of 1924. This visual dance seemed to challenge the senses of the audience, force them to question, "what and how are your eyes seeing?" The onslaught of images seems anticipate a coming sensory overload of our media-drencehd world later in the 20th Century. "Ballet Mechanique" allows us to wonder at the great distance civilization has traveled over the past century...and yet we can marvel at how close this connection to the past can feel.

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love it_always have

Avant-garde thinking with a captivating score. A language in search of a medium, a thousand meanings in search of an audience.