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Ballet Boys2014

  • 4.0
BILLY ELLIOT meets FIRST POSITION in BALLET BOYS, a documentary that follows, over four years, the struggles, set-backs and accomplishments of three friends and hopeful future dance stars: Lukas, Syvert, and Torgeir. The boys sacrifice a normal high school experience (including parties and dating) for the sake of ambition and a love of dance. Facing pressure from their parents, school teachers and ballet mentors, they prepare for potentially life-altering and career-making auditions at some of Europe's most prestigious ballet schools.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

Charming in some of its intimacy with the three boys and especially with the most conventionally balletic and good-looking one, the movie lacks the grit of ballet's very difficult and enduring work as well as ballet's loftier aesthetic and art. Pleasant enough, then, but lacking in most of the reality experienced by these ballet boys. Though sometimes pleasing, the movie's slight confection neglects, even ignores, film as anything much more than a sentimental scrapbook.

Insightful depiction of real struggle and perseverance of perfectly regular boys finding their passion in dance; a world so completely populated by girls as to continue to create virtual mystery around male participation. These kids work harder than most school-age athletes and are much more respected for it in Europe than the US. Speaking as a dance parent, this is very good.