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also known as L'autre vie de Richard Kemp

Back in Crime2013

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  • 3.9
When Paris detective Richard Kemp is injured in the course of a criminal investigation, he is transported twenty years into the past, and has a second chance at solving the most frustrating mystery of his career: a serial killer known as the Earwig. In pursuing the Earwig, Richard enlists the aid of a beautiful psychologist, who has doubts about the time-traveler's sanity. But as Richard attempts to rewrite history, the killer's path begins to take unexpected turns, confounding Richard's investigation, and rendering his own future uncertain.



Member Reviews (19)

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top reviewer

another first rate movie,well acted great continuity and intrigue so good in fact it is my 2nd time seeing it and it was stiil fantastic.i highly recommend this one!!!!

top reviewer

I had trouble following this for a while. It is sometimes hard to keep the past and the present sorted out, but once you do, it has an intriguing feel to it. Mlle Thierry is so beautiful and captivating, which certainly helps during the flat spots. Definitely not a must see, but a decent couch-night film-noir.

top reviewer

This is a very solid film. I'm not sure all the back in time stuff totally comes together, in that I feel it would be harder to convince 1989 Helene about it, but it has good atmosphere and good tension.

top reviewer

I liked the actress and the love story...the music and photography, otherwise the plot was a little run of the mill.

top reviewer

Excellent sci-fi "flic". I am sure that one day it will be turned into a successful American production.

top reviewer

A great twist on time travel with no time wasted trying to explain the paradoxes and who cares anyway when you can see the beautiful and soulful Melanie Thierry!

top reviewer

5 Stars. Loved it! A great example of how French cinema is one gem after another.

top reviewer

definitely a mystery & a puzzle she's beautiful & wonderful & 20 years later she's still beautiful & wonderful & Richard is OK too

A melancholy love story in a crime thriller setting with some time travel thrown in. Poignant and satisfying.

Was pleasantly surprised of how engaging this story line was. Didn't try to get itself tangled up in the wheres and whys of space and time travel. A enjoyable mystery thriller and love story wrapped up around the simple notion of 'what would you do differently to correct past mistakes'... Recommend it. shelf..time well spent..the characters the plot the timing are all impeccable

very good thriller

This movie kept you captivated and waiting to see what was to come and you are surprised by the ending, threaded with romance.

Thoroughly enjoyed this time travel mystery thriller! One of the best from the French cinema!

A great suspense movie with a twist. Once you accept the premise, it makes sense, otherwise, a bit unbelievable. Why the old inspector simply didn't speak to his younger self? it would have solved a lot of problems.

Well done. Well acted, and directed. Timing was excellent. Despite this being a hackneyed plot line. It was carried off much better than most.

This is one VERY GOOD movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bravo! Marc

Excellent film

A solid time travel mystery that can be a bit predictable and schmaltzy. Enjoyable date night watching none the less.