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Babes in the Woods


directed by Achem Krovek, 68 minutes

189.d 600 400
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Mature audiences only.

Oh those beautiful babes! Follow three gorgeous young ladies as they go to camp, finding plenty of mischief along the way. These girls aren't ashamed of their beautiful bodies and show them off at every opportunity! Watch the girls as they tantalize a poor gas station owner, bathe in a waterfall and even seduce the camp director! Narrated in the style of an educational film and set among some beautiful scenery, this is a truly hilarious film from the pinnacle of the drive-in era. Step back in time and take a trip to the woods with these babes!

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1 member found this review helpful Created over 3 years ago.

Boobs in black and white

Created almost 3 years ago.

as ridiculous and stupid as it gets. at least it acknowledges it.

Created about 3 years ago.


Top reviewer
Created over 1 year ago.

Short bits of nudity surrounded by WTF commentary and long scenes of random stuff.

Created almost 2 years ago.

Reminds me of Petticoat Junction, the Shady Rest Hotel and Hooterville. Only not as sophisticated.

Created over 2 years ago.

Lots of skin..silly plot..not clear why the VoiceOver ..the nudity, while plentiful, and mostly unrelated to "plot", is never totally frontal..some modesty is observed by the young women on display

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