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Avanti popolo2012

  • 3.7
After separating from his wife, André goes back to live with his father. The reunion reveals a difficult and distant relationship, due to the disappearance of the other son thirty years ago during the Brazilian military dictatorship. The father lives a life of reclusion and longing, emotionally tied to his dog. He spends his days playing with a dog who is more interested in what is happening outside than his master. Hoping to get closer to his father, André brings up some old Super-8mm film rolls, shot by his brother before his disappearance. These old images appear repeatedly in AVANTI POPOLO, sharing with the spectator the history of the family and the brother, physically absent but present throughout the film.

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love it_wonderful beautiful film in a really odd way_i was going to pass after watching the trailer_but took a chance_well worth it_sort of sad but it's alive as well