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Audrey the Trainwreck2010

  • 3.7
Pushing thirty and working a thankless office job, internet dating is one more routine in Ron Hogan’s well-ordered life. Until he meets Stacy, a fellow working stiff who disarms him by speaking the language of his loneliest moments. Featuring a score by acclaimed jazz composer John Medeski, AUDREY THE TRAINWRECK is a comedy about attempting to keep life simple, and the beauty of such an absurd pursuit.

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"From its first image, AUDREY THE TRAINWRECK propels viewers into sensory overload." - Ronnie Scheib, Variety

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There's something about placing an awesome score into a fruitless movie that makes it at least somewhat redeemable.

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top reviewer

Why was it called Audrey the Trainwreck? It was pleasant enough, pretty good in parts. Poor ending.

Marginally worth watching.

top reviewer

Not a bad movie. Great performances by the cast, but overall the film meandered a little too much. Wish I could figure out the title.

top reviewer

Anthony J. Baker and Alexi Wasser give great performances in this rambling movie that seems to be trying to say something but never quite articulates a full idea. Unless this is Frank V. Ross' point. Two people lonely in mutually pointless lives.

top reviewer

Good mumblecore-ish movie. Interesting conversations and characters mixed with a good score. Not sure if everyone will, but I quite enjoyed the main romantic relationship. In a weird way, kind of reminded me of Charlie Brown...the score, perhaps?

Mildly interesting. Should have been funny, not a drama.

Self indulgent. An unnecessary waste of my time.