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also known as Vnimanie! Volki!

Attention! Wolves!1970

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  • 3.6
With shades of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and THE ENIGMA OF KASPAR HAUSER, this unusual Soviet animation blends symbolic allegory and documentary photographs to warn against the persistent threat of fascism. A feral boy is found in the woods the same day that the Nuremberg Trials’ death sentences are carried out. After years of being civilized at an orphanage, his inner wolf still makes him vulnerable to a cruel authoritarian figure’s dehumanizing training. He and other wolves become the next generation’s SS men and their animated rampages are made all the more unsettling for being intercut with live footage from the Nazi era and the Vietnam War. Whatever ATTENTION! WOLVES! lacks in historical nuance it makes up for with its disturbing vision of the human condition.



Member Reviews (8)

Pretty direct and clear in its message. I've never been a fan of the vilification of the wolf, because they are largely misunderstood. Still, the film is done with powerful art imagery, and that goes a long way.

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A strange bit of Soviet propaganda.

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top reviewer

Great Soviet era animated fable.

Really well executed animations, the texture in the drawings really brings this piece to life. The narrator is a bit over the top, but that is to be expected of a propaganda film. The story and ideas are interesting although seem to be skewed towards the climax to fit the soviet's POV.

Strangely moving and powerful

Loud and militant.


I'm not sure about it.......