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Attack of the Giant Leeches1959

  • 3.0
After a local slackjaw reports shooting something in the swamp that "weren't nothin' nature put out there," an apparent love-​triangle-gone-bad reveals a darker mystery in the Everglades. ​The 1959 swamp horror ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES is a boilerplate Roger Corman-produced monster movie, complete with shallow acting and unconvincing special effects (as well as a flimsy explanation for the leeches themselves). ATTACK is notable for being one of the few film credits of Yvette Vickers, Playboy's July 1959 Playmate of the Month, as well as for having suffered a low-budget remake in 2008. - Tom Fritsche

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Here is the two-headed monster that lurks in the 50's Horror/Sci-Fi of Roger Corman. On the surface, it's Drive-In fodder. An anemic budget, cardboard acting, and a monster that looks like it was made from garbage bags (and probably was). Yet below the the underwater cave of the giant leeches...there is an atmosphere of grim fatalism present in many of Corman's films from this era. You can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the story, but you also shudder as you watch characters die slowly and horribly. It's like a black and white version of an EC horror comic up there on the screen.

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If you walk into this expective B-grade monster flick, you're good to go. Have fun with what it is.

The stock characters so popular at the time are all there; the hero, his girl, the knowledgeable father figure, the fool, the foolhardy, the beauty and the scoffer. A reasonably good film for the genre, but certainly not the best. However, if you are a Corman fan you won't be disappointed.