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  • 3.0
Loosely framed by Plato's invocation of the lost continent of Atlantis in 360 BC and its re-re-resurrection via a 1970s science fiction pulp novel, ATLANTIS is a documentary portrait of Utopia (an island that has never/forever existed beneath our too-mortal feet). Herein is folk song and pagan rite, religious march and reflected temple, the sea that surrounds us all. Even as we are slowly sinking, we are all happy and content.

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This film seemingly has little to do w/ Atlantis other than the concept of mythology and myth making in general (I guess.) If there's any fuzziness on the narrative just go ahead and slap the moniker 'experimental' and watch the film festival saps come a calling. Of course, the scene in the living room w the fellas singing a folk song was highly cinematic.... This filmmaker's rep seems to far exceed his skill level altho it was shot on film and that deserves a bit of love.

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im filing a lawsuit for my senses by assaulted this strangling cat.

Psychics like Edgar Caycee (?) make fantastic claims about Atlantis and give it immense antiquity; others say that the island of Thera is a remnant of the Minoan age destroyed by tremendous volcanic eruption at a much later time.