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  • 3.6
  • passes the bechdel test
Widely regarded as one of the best horror anthology films ever made, this serpentine chiller takes you deep inside the psyches of the patients of an experimental asylum. Under the guidance of a controversial psychiatrist who engages in some very strange practices, the patients of the Archway Community are forced to look inward for the answers to the dark secrets that bind them.

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Member Reviews (12)

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A prospective psychiatrist must visit 4 patients and determine which one is the former superintendent of the asylum. Four short tales of horror are told written by Robert Block (Psycho). The special effects are very low budget, but the acting is good.

"The Weird Tailor" with Peter Cushing is the most effective of the four, but again the special effects are not convincing. I figured out who the former superintendent was an hour before the film's end, but the conclusion was still startling. It's fun to watch, but don't expect to be horrified.

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I can't believe I sat and watched the whole movie ...giggling! Absolutely hokey!

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top reviewer

Definitely a fun film to see. Just about anything along the lines of the old Hammer films is worth watching.

Solid horror anthology film! 5 out of 5!

A first-rate horror which will keep you guessing until almost the end.

Wonderfully twisted and entertaining. Certainly the best anthology horror film I've seen.

Four stars for the cast! In a story involving vignettes, most are lame with the exception of the second subtitled "The Weird Tailor".

Stories with little plot mostly reliant upon background music to convey a sense of trepidation. Not a single story was interesting.

Nifty horror film with a great lead in and wrap up. Of course, as in all of these anthology films some stories work better then the others but all in all a wonderful visit to the world of Amicus and Hammer films. Plus the sequence on the stairs with the paintings is a wonderful bonus!


awesome rainy night film. the guts inside the smashed doll is the cherry on top.

Cushing before Star Wars! Cushing with Hammer Horror Studios!