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Arson Inc.1949

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  • 3.4
A Bureau of Fire Investigation agent goes under cover to confront a ruthless arson ring that has left a trail of bodies, burned out buildings with various and sundry carnage!


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Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

Standard police procedural flick, but with a fireman. Sturdy Robert Lowery is an arson investigator who goes undercover to bust up an insurance fraud racket. Over this film's quick sixty-three minutes he runs into a fun cast of B-movie stalwarts, including former pin-up girl Anne Gwynne, stocky cartoon character Edward Brophy, and bespectacled weasel Byron Foulger.

Not too bad for early Hollywood.

The most interesting part is in seeing how the state of the art movie making has improved in a technical sense but not in a story telling sense.

Once again, an exciting movie.

Very well put together movie, good story line..entertaining!

Good film Noir!

Great 40s film Noir