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  • 4.1
The first documentary ever chosen to compete in the International Critics' Week at Cannes (where it won the Grand Prize), Janus Metz's ARMADILLO follows a platoon of Danish soldiers on a six-month tour of Afghanistan in 2009. An intimate, visually stunning account of both the horror and growing cynicism of modern warfare, the film premiered at the top of the box office in Denmark, provoking a national debate over government policy and the rules of engagement.

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Winner of the International Critics' Week "Grand Prize" at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

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top reviewer

Quite an engrossing Documentary that seems to provide unfettered access into the life of soldiers serving in Afganistan. This sobering POV is startling and unnerving without being high handed.

This film didn't show enough of what these soldiers did to the civilians who had to take abuse from the Taliban and from the occupying Danes. They were the ones who paid the price for this war. This movie sanitized what really happened.


It was OY AY! Says Your Bruno in Love!

very good

Well done. What bothered me is that it seemed so many of soldiers saw this merely as an adventure. For good or bad, Afghanistan and Iraq will have long lasting impacts well into the future.

Interesting documentary. I was rather shocked at some of the unfiltered language and violence in some of the sections.

Very good documentary.

I think the plot could have been stronger.Other than that a fine film