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Are Crooks Dishonest?1918

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  • 3.9
Trickery abounds in this one-reel romp involving jewel thievery and soothsaying. Harold Lloyd and 'Snub' Pollard deal in gems while Bebe Daniels assists her seer father in crystal. When the three ne'er-do-wells hook up, it’s the equation for mayhem!


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top reviewer

Are Crooks Dishonest? Bebe Daniels works well in the comic triangle equation. She was HOT, and she had those "Hollywood Peepers". Lloyd and Pollard are pure slapstick veteran Vaudvillians, they move as one. Ensemble Comedy.

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top reviewer

Ninety-six years. It's a little hard to believe that wacky, animated antics of the people on-screen were filmed nearly a century ago. When Harold Lloyd stares straight into the camera and gives one of his wild-eyed looks of amazement, there is a sense of real time...Harold is looking at us RIGHT NOW! This is early Lloyd. The fake glasses (take a close look--no lenses) are on, but he's more of a rogue here. It's also interesting that he's teamed with Snub Pollard, a largely forgotten figure from the age of silent comedy. Their comic energy is a bit like Martin & Lewis--minus the sound of course.

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Very entertaining!! Loved it!!