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  • 4.1
From a set of photographs found in a thrift store, Jane Geiser creates a liminal space between representation and abstraction, figure and landscape, fiction and memory. ARBOR suggests the fragility and ephemerality of memory and its artifacts through subtle manipulations of the photographs: reframings, layerings, inversions, and the introduction of natural elements, including flowers and leaves. The photographs’ subjects rarely engage the camera; they are glimpsed, rather than seen. They look elsewhere, and wait for something inevitable. Gathering on a hillside, lounging on the grass beyond now-lost trees, the inhabitants of ARBOR cycle through their one elusive afternoon, gradually succumbing to time or dissolving into landscape, reserving for themselves what we can’t know and becoming shadows in their own stories.

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Member Reviews (2)

5 of 5 Stars. Excellent. Love the interplay between the simple geometric lines and the textural photographic imagery. Subtly eerie yet somehow peaceful. Thought provoking... Makes me want to get into experimental animation...

very artistic and the creator of the project did a great job.