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also known as As mil e uma noites II: o desolado

Arabian Nights II: The Desolate One2015

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  • 3.9
In which Scheherazade tells of how desolation invaded men: It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that a distressed judge will cry instead of giving out her sentence on a night when all three moons are aligned. A runaway murderer will wander through the land for over forty days and will tele transport himself to escape the Police while dreaming of prostitutes and partridges. A wounded cow will reminisce about a thousand-year-old olive tree while saying what she must say, which will sound none less than sad! The residents of a tower block in the suburbs will save parrots and piss inside lifts while surrounded by dead people and ghosts; including in fact a dog that... And seeing the morning break, Scheherazade fell silent. Damned tales! If things continue this way my daughter will surely end up with her throat slit! the Grand-Vizier, Scheherazade's father, thinks in his palace in Baghdad.
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so far it's pretty brilliant_some parts are a bit too drawn out & slow_but there are so many crazy cool ideas in this film & the first one_all of the characters are great

A much grimmer voyage through the contemporary Portuguese psyche than was Part 1. It portrays a chain of misery in one chapter that reduces a judge to tears. And in another, the misery of a low-income housing complex that a resurrected dog cheers up a bit. Gomes achieves such memorable imagery with such modest means. A singular vision and way of making movies.

Thia one is not as good as the first one. Again, subtitles are impossible to read. Doesn't anybody care about that?

Apparently they thought that a fake fantasy would be more attractive than a straight forward designation as a political satire on austerity in Portugal. It's part of a trilogy of 3 films and is subdivided into 3 episodes on different subjects. The middle one on the outside tribunal has a few characters in costume to give credence to the title. Some of the references were a little hard to follow to a non-Portugese particularly w white sub-titles. But the references to social services, evictions and wealthy Chinese being encouraged to settle were more apparent. The black procession at the end made me think that people in the former mother country were maybe living lives of poverty similar to the former colonies of Africa.

The dog episode is the best one of the entire trilogy.... it made me think of Wiener-Dog which sort of has the same structure, perhaps Solonz was inspired by this one....