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Appointment in Honduras1953

  • 3.3
An adventurer (Glenn Ford) carrying a vast sum of money, a husband and wife (Ann Sheridan and Zachary Scott) whose marriage is on the rocks and a murderous band of cutthroats trek through the jungles of Central America on a mission to save an ousted political leader. On their incredible journey they must face and overcome many dangers in their path including a cloud of hornets, flesh-eating tiger-fish, king-sized alligators and a blazing jungle fire! Jacques Tourneur's tight direction is once again first-class in this thrilling adventure, reminiscent of a Republic cliffhanger.

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For a rainy or very hot day, this mindless movie is OK, perhaps as a gin-and-tonic respite. Jacques Tourneur and crew keep things moving, while the almost National Geographic animal threats occur rhythmically in an obviously set-bound and episodic sea-board then jungle story that of course leads out of the jungle with a lot of people and critters dead. Rodolfo Acosta as the leader of the freed bandits is gratifyingly wry and ironic, until he too, at the end, is killed. And never fear: Ann Sheridan sturdily holds her own in a stereotypical, old-Hollywood, traditional way, while her supply of blue eye shadow and false lashes is never ending. Think of the movie as a tattered 50 cent paperback, and you won't go too wrong.