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  • 3.6
Trevor Newandyke is a struggling comedian and a pyromaniac. Not only does his act bomb on stage but he bombs at everyday life, too. Fed up with threats from the cable company, Slurpee price hikes and all the jerks who think they can push him around, all Trevor wants is a break. But instead of getting himself together or channeling his anger for his act, he turns inward, to the loud din of his headphones and the crackling glow of fire to ease his mind.

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Member Reviews (4)

Really enjoyed the performance of the lead and the raw construction of the narrative. Supporting cast was underwhelming and the camera direction was spotty. Director leaned on irreverence and while it worked for the protagonist it hurt the film overall. Looking forward to seeing Buzzard.

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top reviewer

Depressed, pyromaniac comedian makes good. If you pay close attention, this film has a moral. Joshua Burge is excellent in this. Kind of a The Devil and Daniel Webster for the millennium.

top reviewer

Joel Potrykus film drops us not only into the physical world of a failing comic but into his psyche as well. The idea of exploring the level of anger behind stand-up comedy is not new, but Potrykus takes it to a very new level.

Joshua Burge is an awesome fit for this director's cleverly unnerving study into alienation, failure, rage and sociopathic descent.

This is movie that refuses to settle into predictability.

Lo-Fi Slacker Throwback. GENIUS!!