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  • 3.8
  • passes the bechdel test
Austria's Academy Awards® selection for "Best Foreign Language Film," ANTARES skillfully interweaves the stories of three couples at crossroads over three momentous days. Set in a ubiquitous, concrete high-rise apartment complex on the outskirts of a big city, the couples emerge from this uniform coexistence to search for love, closeness and some form of happiness.

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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

second time i've seen it_liked it better this time_a wonderful film_everyone is great in it _even the total asshole_shot well_in & out of lives & back again & they are all connected somehow_so yeah

top reviewer

dumb and dumber.

I lost what the movie was going for. the 3 plots could have been for individual movies.

Makes perfect sense, given the lack of solid values of any kind in modern western culture.