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also known as Deception

Anna Boleyn1920

  • 3.6
The tragic story of the second wife of England’s Henry VIII is given a first-class treatment by Lubitsch, complete with opulent sets and some beautifully-shot exterior sequences. Henny Porten (KOHLHIESEL’S DAUGHTER, BACKSTAIRS) gives a memorable performance as Boleyn, but the film really belongs to Emil Jannings (THE LAST LAUGH), one of Germany’s greatest screen stars, playing Henry. Jannings’s bravura performance conveys Henry’s decadence through his insatiable appetite for both food and women, but never reduces him to caricature or pure villain. Jannings also establishes the screen model for Henry that would be further developed by Charles Laughton almost fifteen years later in THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY THE VIII.

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Member Reviews (4)

i will give a 3 but solely for entertainment reasons as for historical content it very much is lacking queen Katherine and queen ann were both strong women in their beliefs and determination these are just a few things, i know history on film can be lacking or even tainted but i thought this was to much even for the movie era.

great acting..

for those who like costume dramas

There is a great deal of liberty taken by the producer and director in this movie. But they have overcome that with excellent attention to details. The actors do an extraordinary job with their roles. Good movie! The only real flaw to this movie is that the stream was lost at the last few minutes!!